This is the End

Due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances and a lack of interest, Prodigal Planet is going to shut down. We are sad to have to do this, but there just doesn’t seem to be a wide enough niche here to meet parents’ needs like we had hoped, all in one place. Many of my posts (including the Boundaries study) will be migrated to my regular blog soon, and the other writers may be doing so as well.

We will be keeping the Prodigal Planet Parents Facebook group open, because it seems that this is the best place for us to provide prayer and support for one another on an ongoing basis. Please use the form below to send your request to join the parents’ group:

This is a “Secret” group, which means that it doesn’t show up in searches on Facebook. In order to be added, I will need to add you as a friend, and then I can add you to the group. Feel free to put me on Restricted or whatever security you wish. It’s just the only way I can add you to the group.

What you say there will not show up in your feed, in your friends’ (or teen’s) feeds, your profile, or any where else. It is entirely private, safe, and supportive. Please join us.

It has been an honor to serve you and a blessing to get to know some of you.

God bless!

A Private Forum for You

Many of you remember when this site began back in March, we were setting up a private member’s forum. We tried. It was set up, so I thought, but the membership system had glitches that were tricky to fix. I gave up on it, but not the idea of it.

The goal here at Prodigal Planet is to support parents who are struggling with teens who don’t always do what they should. Whether it be just outright defiance, sneaking out, substance abuse, sexual activity, crime, or self-mutilation– we still love our kids and need support in doing what is best for them.

And surviving it.

In the name of support, I created a private Facebook group for us. You won’t find it in searches, because it is set to “Secret”. This also means that your kids won’t see that you belong to it, or anything you Like or respond to within the group page.

Add your name and email address into the contact form below to be added to the group. I will Friend you, and once you accept my Friend request, I can add you.